Eight cooperative games with children to work as a team

Eight cooperative games

Eight cooperative games with children to work as a team

Cooperative games with children are those in which team fun prevails over the competition. They are usually games in which children are organized in a group or in two large teams. The most important thing is participation, the final result being the least important.

These types of collaborative activities encourage help, empathy, organization, coordination, conflict resolution, decision making, and avoiding the frustrations of defeat, making children not feel pressured to win.

At Guiainfantil.com we have compiled a list of the best cooperative games with children to play at any time of the day. Let’s start!

Games for children to learn teamwork

cooperative games for children

The chain or the rescue

They will have to touch the rest of the children to join them on the chain. The children will try to run away. If a child is touched, he must take the hand of those who are in the chain, and thus they will extend it.

When the last player is caught, the round ends, and the new game will start with the first two players who were tagged in the first.

The parachute

With the parachute, you can play many games. One of them is, for example, the basket game in which children must grab the parachute with two hands around its outline.

A ball is placed on top of the parachute. The children’s mission will be to make a basket among all in the hole by moving the parachute.


Hide and Seek This is sure to play in your childhood. What do you remember the phrase: ‘One, two and three, to the English hideout, without moving hands or feet?

The one who ‘leagues’ has to face the wall. The rest will be a few meters from him in a line. The child against the wall will say the phrase and turn around. As he says the phrase, the children will have to move towards the wall, but be careful! because when he becomes the boy on the wall, the others will have to stand still as statues. Anyone who sees moving will have to go back to the starting point. The first to touch the wall wins!

Carrying the ball

The children are organized in pairs. A course with a start and a finish is selected. For example, back to back, or whatever comes to mind. If the ball is dropped, they will have to go back to the starting line. The couple that reaches the finish line first will be the one who wins the game.

Boat, boat

You have to make a circle on the ground with the chalk. The children should take an empty soda can or an empty plastic or juice bottle and put it right in the middle of the circle. They will do a draw to see who will win it.

The one who touches it has to put his back to the boat. A different child has to kick the boat. Whoever gets it has to go for the boat, pick it up and put it back in the circle, and yell BOAT! at that moment. Between him going to pick up the boat and putting it back in its place, the others have to run and hide.

From there, the one who wins will have to go find the rest of the group. If he sees any of them, he’ll run back to the circle and stick his foot inside it and yell BOOT BOOT for Carlos!  or whatever the player’s name is. In this case, Carlos will have to come out of his hiding place and get into the chalk circle.

If someone succeeds, the trapped player(s) will immediately be freed and can hide again. The one who binds it will have to discover everyone for the game to be over.

Feet still

One of them will tie it to you and you have to stand in the center and throw the ball shouting the name of one of the players.

When the player has the ball in his possession, he has to shout: Keep your feet!: At that moment the rest of the players have to remain completely stopped where they are.

The player with the ball jumps three times towards one of the players; whoever is closest to him and throws the ball. If it hits, the touched player has to score a foul and if he doesn’t hit it, the one who has to score the foul is himself for not hitting it. At the third fault, the player that is is eliminated. The game ends when everyone has been eliminated and only one player remains.

Sack race

Players have to put both legs into the sacks and hold them with their hands. Start the race like any normal race. The participants must reach the finish line jumping on the sacks. It is not allowed to grab or push other participants. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins the game!

Players pair up and have their ankles tied together so they have difficulty running. Players must reach the finish line by jumping or however, they can walk, trying to stay coordinated.

The Enchanted Lake

To play this game you need chalk and plastic hoops. A space on the ground is delimited in the form of an ellipse as a lake.

All the hoops are placed inside the space that has become an enchanted lake. Where no one can touch the water (the space outside the hoops). The hoops are placed across the lake. No child can touch the water, because if someone falls on him, his heart freezes. You can only step inside the rings, which imitate stones through which the lake is crossed.

If someone falls into the lake, they cannot move until another player comes and saves them, melting the partner’s heart by giving them a hug.

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