6 kids fun games to play at home with kids

kids fun games

6 kids fun games to play at home with kids

Facing a rainy afternoon with the kids? Are any of the bad and you can’t get out? Not sure what to entertain your children with? Do not panic! We have selected for you 6 kids fun games for children to play at home. Activities, games, and tasks that you can do with them. Fun for young and old is more than guaranteed!

Overcoming boredom at home is our goal today. For this, there is nothing better than to get down to work. Children will have a great time doing crafts. Making your own creations is also very educational and tremendously positive for your cognitive development. It is a great satisfaction for them to show their masterpieces to mom, dad, and grandparents! Take note of these kids’ fun games for kids at home.


Cut out small pieces of colored paper and get a glue stick. Before starting, we recommend that you protect the table that you have chosen as your work surface. You can put an old tablecloth or any plastic cover on the table that allows you to easily clean the glue residue later.

On a white or colored sheet of paper, you can make any drawing. Animal faces or shapes are usually a good resource. The children will have to fill in the drawing by gluing the pieces of paper together until they complete the figure.

Easy right? This game is aimed at children over 18 months, so we will avoid putting the glue in their mouths. It is a great opportunity for creativity and the child’s psychomotor development.

The Game Of Decanting

kids fun at home

To make this game at home, you can use beans or some uncooked pasta. You will also need some colored containers, they can be worth plastic cups, bowls, or deep plates.

Something as simple as transferring the small elements from one container to the other will guarantee fun for the little ones.

They are fun games for children at home, but they always require the attention of an adult. This game is designed for children 6 months to 3 years and aims to stimulate hand-eye coordination.

The Rain Stick

The rainstick is among our favorite fun games. First, because it is very simple, and second because you will powerfully surprise your child.

Use the cardboard tube from the baking paper or aluminum foil when finished. Close one of its ends, seal with cellophane tape to prevent leaks. Then insert beans or dry pasta through the open end, you can also put small stones. When you’ve added a small amount, close the other end of the tube as well.

When you twist the tube to one end and the other, your little one will think it is the sound of rain.

If the children are older, they can help you make this fun craft. Then all together you can decorate the rain stick with markers, tempera, or glue pieces of colored paper. The game is designed for children over 18 months.

Three Steps Of An Ant

We explain how this fun game works. Children should be positioned in front of you in a room, at least eight steps away. You will call them by name and tell them how many steps to take. The key to the game is to “interpret”, because these steps will be “2 steps of an elephant”, “take 4 steps of a mouse”, and so on.

It is a fascinating game for children as they can imitate animals, laughter is guaranteed. To make the game last longer, we give you a cool trick. Don’t forget the crab back steps!

This game for children at home is designed for ages 18 months to 4 years. By the way, it is ideal if you are looking for ideas for children’s birthday parties at home. The little ones will have a great time before eating the cake!

Puppets With Socks

Creativity continues to be the common nexus of these 6 fun games for kids. To do this you will not have to buy anything exceptional, you can find all the elements at home.

You need unused or used colored socks, yes, they must be clean. Wool threads, buttons, needles, and threads will do the rest.

Sew the pieces of wool to the sock to make the puppet’s hair. With the buttons, you can design the eyes. The mouth can be painted with any colored marker. Your imagination and that of the children have no limits, so you can decorate it as you want.

When you have finished decorating it, put your hand in the sock. A very cute puppet will delight your children, they can bring it to life by inventing a thousand and one stories. The game is recommended for children over 6 years old.

Paper Garlands

There are still more fun games for children at home. Prepare strips of colored paper and make paper rings with the children. Then join each of the rings with glue. The longer and more colorful the garland, the greater the fun. We recommend coloring before you start gluing it.

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