Fun Games for children’s parties

Fun Games

Fun Games for children’s parties

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The children ‘s parties are the perfect time to show your imaginative gifts, inventing the most original games and fun for little kids. If you have run out of ideas, our readers give you a hand to make your birthday or party an unforgettable afternoon. To play!

With movement

Let’s go on a motorcycle!
The organizer has to sit on the floor and the children are positioned behind as if they were on a huge motorcycle. The pilot is giving the indications aloud: “To the right. On the left. Watch out, what a break! Come on, I’m accelerating ” and he turns his trunk as he speaks. The children have to go around with him.

Inside and out
For this game, you will need a rug that is firmly attached to the floor. The game organizer informs the children that on the mat they are in the region known as “inside”, and outside the mat is the region known as “outside”. The children stand outside the mat for the game to begin, and the organizer says aloud: “inside, outside, inside, outside…” and the children have to jump off the mat. The game must go faster and faster and in a random way: “in, in, out, in, out, out …”Since time is short and children have to obey and jump at every word change, the risk of making a mistake is high. Those who make mistakes are eliminated. You can do several rounds and that the winner gets a point with each victory and give a prize to the one with the most points.

“ Peg Leg ” Race You place the children in pairs, tying the right ankle of one child with the left ankle of another. Small races are held in which, given the complicity of the movements, laughter is guaranteed.

The slipper from behind
“To the slipper from behind, sad after, you neither see it nor will you see it, sad after, look up that beans are falling …” The children are sitting on the floor with their eyes closed and another runs behind. At one point, he leaves a shoe behind one of the children, who has to run off to catch the other.

Egg Race
Two or three teams are formed (depending on the number of guests) and each team is given a soup spoon and an egg. It is convenient to boil the eggs before so that they are hard (without telling the children of course, so as not to remove the emotion). The teams form a line and the first must run with the egg on top of the spoon to a defined point and return, without the egg falling to the ground. If you drop it, pick up the egg and start over. When he reaches the starting point, he hands the egg and spoon to the next in his team and so on until all the members of his team have made the route with the spoon and the whole egg. The first team to finish wins.

With music

The game consists of putting on music and the children dancing. When the music stops, the children have to look like a statue in the position they had.

The trades
“I stand up, I sit down again because we are going to play at the trades …” The children imitate different trades with their hands to the rhythm of the song: seamstress, street sweeper, ironer …

The thousand-layered gift A gift
  is prepared wrapped in several layers of paper. You can put a treat between layer and layer. The children are to sit in a circle and the gift is given to the birthday boy. The music is turned on (it is convenient to have a tape or CD of popular music) and the children must pass the gift from one to another. When the music is turned off, the one with the present must remove a layer of paper. If you have a treat, you can keep it. The music is played again, and so on until at the end, when all the layers of paper have been removed, the child who uncovers the gift keeps it.

Of Numbers

Bingo for kids
This game is suitable for children 4-5 years old. You have to prepare some boards like those of bingo, with simple numbers interspersed with squares where their favorite characters appear (Mickey, Lightning McQueen, Barbie …). In a bag, you put balls or balls with the numbers from 0 to 9 and you tell them to go out one by one to take a ball from the bag. Of course, the one who completes the board first wins. The prize can be stickers or erasers with pictures.


Gymkhana You
have to prepare the game before the party starts. You hide several (easy) clues in different places around the house and when the game starts you tell them where the first one is (or you give them a clue so they can find it). One track leads to the other until they find the treasure: a trunk full of sweets and candies.

In search of the alien
When the party or meeting begins, the children are told that an alien has taken a treasure that they had hidden. They are shown some footprints that he has left on the table and they are told to look for more clues that we will be putting as the party goes on. At lunch: two clues as to where the treasure may be; in the dance another track; on the cake another … The last clue will lead to the final gift. It is an original variant of the classic gymkhana, which never fails.

To look for the treasure You
prepare some maps (for the older ones) and in each hiding place, we mark an X. In each hiding place, there will be another map with another X that will help them find the next one until they find a trunk with the treasure.

Game marathon
On my son’s last birthday I organized a kind of game marathon. In different parts of the house, there were games such as putting the donkey’s tail, making baskets, ring games … In all of them they were adding points and the one who got the most got the biggest prize, although all received a detail for participating, that in the end is the important thing. That and have fun! And I assure you that the children had a good time playing and the older ones cheering. Try it.

With Balloons

piñata Formerly the piñata was made of ceramic or cardboard, but there are more fun and faster way to prepare it and with the help of children: with balloons. In some you put candies and others you fill them with flour, water, rice, lentils … And to break them? If you give them a pin or a toothpick they will have a great time.

With Eyes Closed

Put the tail on the donkey
A traditional and very simple game. It consists of putting on the wall, the drawing of a donkey without a tail. We can make a tail with wool and we will put a little Velcro on it, placing the other adhesive band on the donkey drawing. A child stands in front of the drawing and we cover his eyes, we say “put the tail on the donkey” and he has to try to put it on. They hardly ever get it right, but they have a great time. The one who comes closest to the right place wins.

The walkway over the sea
We mark a narrow walkway with balloons. Children, blindfolded, have to walk along the walkway without touching the edges. Those who reach the end without touching the edges will advance to the second round. The game is repeated until all but one of the children are eliminated. With older children you can, each round, make the walkway narrower.

To Snack

The greedy bell
Every time we prepare a children’s party, we take advantage of snack time for two fundamental things: that all children eat everything that is put on them and that they eat nutritious things, and not just sweets. The game consists of: before all the children are seated at the table, we explain that since it is a special day, snack time will also be used to play. We show them a bell that we will use during the game. We place it in the center of the table and tell them: “This bell is very important because it can only be touched by a diner who has finished eating. The first to finish the fruit salad (the plate varies and if they are dishes that are conflictive for the children we put very little amount …) will be the winner and will be able to ring the bell first ”.Then those who finish will play it.

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