Valentine’s crafts for kids: With the preparation process

Valentines crafts for kids

Valentine’s crafts for kids: With the preparation process

Valentine’s Day is not an exclusive celebration of lovers, children can also take advantage of this occasion to express their love and affection to those around them. Whether with a big morning hug and a simple “I love you” or a more elaborate idea, such as a beautiful card or a woolen heart, it is an excellent excuse to involve the little ones in this holiday and have a fun time in family.

Valentine’s crafts for kids

Whether your little ones have skills with crafts or are just starting to develop them, here are some simple but very beautiful ideas that they can make with their own hands to give away on February 14.

1. Gradient hearts

Hearts are a Valentine’s classic that kids love, so they can be a great gift idea for this date. On the Internet, you can find many designs, such as the degraded hearts proposed by the Simple Fun for Kids site, which in addition to being precious are an excellent opportunity for children to develop their creativity while experimenting with colored paints.


  • Coffee filters
  • Dropper
  • Colored markers
  • Kitchen paper
  • A small bowl of water
  • Pair of scissors
  • Low tray to work

Let’s do it!

Fold the coffee filter in half and, with the help of scissors, cut half a heart. To facilitate the work, you can first mark the outline with a pencil and then cut it out. When you open the paper, a perfectly symmetrical heart will remain.

Then, with the markers, draw small circles on the heart, slightly spaced from each other. The little ones can use as many colors as they want, although with only two tones the result will be very beautiful.

With the help of the dropper, let the children pour water over the circles. Half an eyedropper per circle will suffice. The idea is to get the colors to disperse.

To remove excess water, place the heart between two kitchen papers. If necessary, change them until the heart loses excess water.

Then, let the heart dry completely and the little ones can use it as a greeting card, writing an “I love you” or “Happy Valentine” on the design or as a decoration for any other gift.

2. Hand with hearts

Decorations are another very nice craft that children can make to give for Valentine’s Day. On the Internet, you can find many ideas, like this hand with hearts proposed by the crafter’s Nest site. Without a doubt, it is a very cool and versatile gift since the design lends itself to the little ones who let their imagination fly and add personalized details to the decoration.


  • Brown cardboard for the structure
  • Colored cards for hearts
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Let’s do it!

Spread the brown cardboard and place one of your hands on it. With the other hand and the help of a pencil, mark the contour up to the beginning of the wrist. Just below, with the help of a ruler, mark a rectangle approximately 5 centimeters high and 20-25 long, which will be the base of the hand.

Once the model of the hand and its base are ready, cut it out with the help of scissors. Remember to make opposite cuts of about 2.5 cm towards the center near both ends of the rectangle so that you can later close the base of the hand. In the case of the little ones, this task can be done by parents to avoid possible accidents.

Then, fold the rest of the colored cards in half and draw the outline of half a heart. Cut them out with scissors and open them to get perfect symmetrical hearts. The idea is to take between 10 and 15 hearts of different colors and sizes.

With all the pieces ready, the most fun part for the children will arrive. Glue the hearts starting from the fingertips towards the palm of the hand, as if it were the leaves of a tree.

Once the glue is dry, children can write a small message on the doll, then they will close the base so that the design becomes stable and it is ready to gift

3. Greeting card

The cards are a classic that is never missing on Valentine’s Day, they are easy to make and if the little ones print their personal stamp, they are a detail with which they can express all their affection in a simple but profound way. For this occasion, we propose a beautiful card with a bouquet of hearts from Make and Takes that the children will surely be very excited about.


  • White card stock
  • Color papers
  • Markers
  • Gift tape
  • Glue

Let’s do it!

Fold the white card in half and cut a kind of rectangle lengthwise to make the card. Dimensions may vary depending on the size that children prefer, although it is recommended that it be at least 20 x 10 cm to be able to work comfortably inside.

Then cut out small squares of colored paper. Fold them in half and draw the shape of a half heart. About 10 hearts of different sizes and colors will suffice.

With the help of the marker, let the little ones unleash their creativity and decorate their hearts. There is no model to follow, they can draw stars, dots, flowers, other hearts, or whatever else they can think of.

When the pieces are ready, draw with a green marker what will be the stems of the hearts. It is important that the lines coincide at the same point located closer to the bottom.

Then, it is time to glue the hearts to the end of the stems, as if they were flowers. To give a more realistic look to the card, it is recommended to glue the hearts with only one dot of glue in the center. It does not matter that hearts overlap with others.

To finish the design, make a kind of bow with the ribbon and stick it at the point where the stems meet. The card will be ready and the little ones can write whatever they want inside.

4. Doll heart

Valentine’s gifts do not always have to be cheesy, there are also many fun crafts that children can do for this date, such as this heart-shaped doll proposed by The Soccer Mom Blog site. It is a funny heart-shaped doll that includes a photo and congratulations. And also, it is very simple to do! We explain everything you need and the steps to follow.


  • Glitter heart
  • Red card
  • Mobile eyes
  • Pipe cleaners that match the rest of the colors
  • Glue gun
  • Black marker
  • Photograph of the child or the child with the person receiving the gift

Let’s do it!

The ideal is to have a glitter heart ready, but if you don’t have one at hand you can always do it by cutting a heart out of thick cardboard and decorating it with colored glitter. Once you have the heart, glue the moving eyes to the top with the glue gun and draw the nose and mouth using the marker.

While drying, fold one of the pipe cleaners in half and then the lower ends to shape the doll’s feet. Glue it on the folded part at the bottom back of the heart. They will be the doll’s legs.

Meanwhile, cut another pipe cleaner in half and fold the tip as you did with the tip of the legs. Glue each one to the back half of the heart to be the doll’s arms.

Then cut the photo in the shape of a heart, keeping the main characters in the center. Meanwhile, cut out a heart on the red card and write a phrase for the occasion. With an “I love you”, “Happy Valentine” or “Have a very nice day” will be enough, but in any case, let the little ones give free rein to their emotions and write what they want.

Finally, glue the photograph to one of the doll’s hands and the heart-shaped card to the other and voilĂ  !, the children will have their gift ready for February 14th.

5. Hearts of wool

Whether it is to decorate a space at home, give a personalized touch to a card or simply, as a symbolic gift, this precious wool heart that the A Wonderful Thought site proposes is an excellent idea for children to have a detail with their loved ones for Valentine’s Day. It is very simple to make and it is very easy to combine with any style, so without a doubt, it is a perfect gift to surprise on February 14.


  • Colored wool
  • Thick cardstock
  • Heart sign
  • Pair of scissors

Let’s do it!

On the cardboard, place the heart sample and draw the outline. With the help of the scissors, cut out the heart, it does not matter that it is not perfect, the thread will cover the imperfections.

Then, take a skein of wool and roll it around the central part of the heart, making a small knot to ensure that it will stay in place throughout the entire task.

Once the skein of wool is secured, let the children begin to cover the heart with the thread. The idea is that they pass it from one side to another in different directions until you cannot distinguish the cardboard from the background.

When it’s finished, tie a small knot to prevent the thread from loosening. If you are going to use it as a decoration, you can also make a kind of hook with the thread itself to be able to hang it.

Once the heart is ready, the children can repeat the design with other colors or even make a multi-colored heart.

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