Three fun recycling activities for kids

Three fun recycling activities for kids

On May 17, we celebrate World Recycling Day, a very special day for GSA that helps us reflect on the current situation of waste management and raise awareness of the objectives of reducing, reusing, and recycling so as not to contribute to climate change and protect the environment. That is to say: emphasize the importance of recycling for the development of the sustainability of our society from an environmental point of view.

And since we speak of awareness, this has to be given from a very early age: recycling is also part of education. We must, therefore, promote recycling among children, since the sustainability of our environment is not only a matter of the present but of the next generations. As our motto says, with recycling we are also #ManufacturingFuture.

For this reason, it is essential that the little ones know, learn and develop at school, but especially at home, recycling activities with the help of their parents, who will be able to explain, in a basic way, what the goals of recycling are. Beyond the separation of waste by type of material (organic, paper and cardboard, plastics and glass) for its subsequent reuse, it is advisable to make them active participants in small projects with which, for example, they learn, in a fun way, to give a new use to recyclable materials that we normally find in our homes.

Here we present three activities for children to recycle and have fun at home on this World Recycling Day:

Plastic bubble bottles

The little ones in the house love bubbles. However, for preschoolers, blowing a bubble can often be a challenge. So instead we can use water bottles and let the air pressure inside do all the work. To do this, we immerse the mouth opening of a standard plastic water bottle in the bubble solution (soap and water); then, we remove and squeeze the bottle gently: the air inside the water bottle will push the cap and the soap creating a bubble. Then you can blow the bubble formed from the top of the bottle. If you squeeze it fast enough, sometimes the bubbles will break off and float away.

Another option we can do is turn the bottle itself into a bubble blower. An adult will cut the bottom of the water bottle, making sure the cut is clean and even. We dipped the cut end of the bottle in a bubble solution. The child will then blow through the mouth of the bottle to create bubbles at the end of the bottle. This bubble blowing method does not allow the bubbles to float/fly, they usually break off the end of the bottle.

Doll parachute made from a plastic bag

A classic, a toy from another time, another century, but as fun as ever: the parachute for dolls. We only need a large plastic bag, string or string, and a doll that will act as a paratrooper. An adult will cut a square from the plastic bag about 40-45 cm on a side and make a small hole in each corner, far enough away from the edges so that they do not tear. Then, we will cut four sections of rope 55-60 cm long that we will knot, on the one hand, in each corner and, on the other, we will knot the four cords at the end where we will tie/hold the paratrooper doll, which will not be very big. The rest, launch them and observe how a homemade parachute works.

A playhouse with cardboard boxes

A large cardboard box (of household appliances, for example) is a whole fantasy world for the little ones, a space in which their imagination can create any space they want, from a vehicle to a house. In this sense, we can use the remains of cardboard boxes of considerable size to go a step further and build, with the help of the little ones, a playhouse for them.

Children and adults will be able to co-design the spaces and architectural elements, and the little ones will help to paint and decorate. The construction of this house will only need tools such as a cutter (which the adult will always handle), adhesive tape, and paint. The decorative details can also be recycled: pieces of fabric for the curtains, Christmas lights to give it a bright touch, etc.

There are countless ideas to recycle with children and also be fun, we just have to take a look on the Internet. At GSA we love receiving ideas and activities from our families. So, if you’ve made a recycling toy or game at home, don’t forget to send it to us!

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