Super Fun Crafts to Make with Bubble Wrap

Super Fun Crafts

Super Fun Crafts to Make with Bubble Wrap

Walk on bubble wrap

Walking on a bubble wrap of those that are normally used to protect the objects inside their packaging can offer your child a healthy time to relax. Although it is only a fun game for older children, in the case of little ones from 0 to 1 year of age it is an excellent sensory activity.

Next, I explain the reason for my thesis

Benefits of lying, sitting, and walking on bubble wrap

Lying down, sitting down, and walking on bubble wrap helps a young child:

  • Stimulate your senses of touch, sight, and hearing. As the baby or 1-year-old child moves or exerts weight on the bubbles, they explode and awaken various sensations
  • Make your own new learning that will be part of the birth of your worldview (vision, assimilation, and learning of the world around you)
  • Developing your brain with a cause and effect exercise

The materials

To offer your child the game that I suggest today you must make yourself of:

  • Plastics for packaging. I recommend that it be an elongated plastic on which your little one can move
  • Scotch tape

The preparation of the activity

Lay the plastic on the floor and attach it to the floor using enough tape. The goal is to cover all the vertices of the rectangle. The plastic should stay well attached to the ground because with so much movement on it it can detach.

If you have a baby, this security measure should be extreme. Remember that there is a possibility that there will always be some fragment raised that is interesting to him and encourages him to put it in his mouth.

The smallest baby who has not yet developed the ability to grasp will stick his mouth to the ground and eat the plastic without you hardly noticing.

For all this, check the plastic and the adhesive tape as many times as necessary.

Next, put your child on this smooth bubble surface, and let’s play!

Walk on bubble wrap

Show your child how fun and even enjoying it is to walk on bubble wrap.

Take off your shoes, take off your socks, and jump on the surface. Ask him to imitate you.

Show him how to use his toes to pop bubbles; This idea can be used to carry out competition between you to see who achieves first <I stress you> using only the toes, remove the air from all the bubbles.

For this, you will need two identical plastics that you will place next to each other. One for you and one for your child.

If you wish, you can vary the competition a bit and instead of walking you can jump, crawl, roll … the rules and the goal are set by you as you see fit.

Now, if your child is a baby, you should put him down or sit him on the surface and teach him how good it feels to crawl on it or caress it with your hands and feet.

As your little one still has little pressure on his hands, you may have to give him a toy to hit him on the plastic so he can see and hear the bubbles burst.

To finish, take off the plastic from the ground and whether your child is big or small, finish squeezing the material with your hands to remove the rest of the air it contains. This will be fun too.

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