Making Netball Training Fun For Beginners

Making Netball Training

Making Netball Training Fun For Beginners

Learning new skills and practicing them amongst other beginners with the goal of playing a team sport together is one of the best ways to get fit. It is important to start developing skills for all elements and positions in order to find your niche. Learning techniques with the netball drills below will give your players a good grasp of the basics.

Catching And Passing

Arguably the most basic of netball skills, passing and catching are vital. When starting out, it can be helpful to practice reflexes with a bean bag rather than the ball. This will also minimize injuries! Gather everyone in a circle and practice tossing the bean bag around in one direction. After a few rounds, change direction, and then eventually introduce the ball.


Learning to anchor your landing foot can be quite tricky for Netball newbies to master. Get everyone thinking about it together by playing the ice cream game. Start by lining up on the baseline and running until the whistle goes, which signals a jump. Shout “ice” as the first foot lands, and then “cream” as they start to put the other foot down. It quickly gets people thinking about what they’re doing with their feet!


Here’s another food-related game; this one is related to BEEF. The acronym is designed to make goal shooting less daunting and more accurate. Once the squad is confident, add in the ball.

Balance: Stand shoulder-width apart, facing the goal

Eyes: Imagine something to aim for just above the ring. It can be anything, but it helps get the ball in the right place to drop through the net.
Elbow: For goal shooting, it is important for the elbows to point towards the ring and remain in the same position while the arms bend over the head and extend to release the ball, allowing a smooth movement and a straight line to the whatever you’ve imagined over the net.
Follow Through: Use a flick of the wrist on the shooting hand to follow through.

There are also things people can do in between training with the team to have fun and work on fitness outlined by the Telegraph.

The key thing is to practice regularly and enjoy it. Don’t forget to plan some time to rest!

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