Kids party and entertainment ideas

Kids party

Kids party and entertainment ideas

Among the best childhood memories are those related to birthdays. Reviewing the photographs of us as children, as we strive to blow out those few candles on giant cakes, is heartwarming. That’s why, now that we’re parents, we care so much about throwing the perfect birthday parties for our kids. Forget the entertainer. Children know how to play very well on their own; avoid expensive rents. The best location is a living room or a public garden, and to an expensive cake design dessert, you prefer a homemade cake, certainly healthier and even tastier. Here are some kid’s parties and entertainment ideas for organizing an unforgettable party without spending a fortune.

Kids party and entertainment ideas

A little common sense and creativity are enough and the party will certainly be magical and beautiful. Here are seven Kids party and entertainment ideas.

The professionals of the game are the children, not the animators

In recent years, the idea has spread that children cannot play well without an animator or do not have enough fun. And it is, therefore, necessary to pay a professional to entertain them with games and activities.

But the professionals of the game are children. “Put a group of children together and they will certainly find a way to play. Generally, the little ones invent fantasy and adventure games and create their own rules on the spot.”

However, if the parent notices that the group is struggling to mesh, he can propose some simple games to play together, such as a two-three-star, the wireless phone, and the hot potato.

Or he can play a CD with some songs to dance to the little ones. Another idea that works with kindergarten children is to prepare a box with hats, scarves, and other clothes to dress up in.

2. The best location? The living room at home

Today birthday parties are organized in playrooms, museums, aquariums, fast food restaurants, everywhere except at the birthday party’s home.

But the party at home is the best thing for a child. The little one will certainly feel more at ease than in a playroom or worse in an unknown fast food restaurant; here he is, the master of the house and friends come to celebrate him and not to participate in a workshop or a theatrical performance.

There is no need to have a huge house. One living room will suffice. Moreover, it is unnecessary to invite the whole class, but enough friends with whom the child is more related; don’t be afraid to make a bad impression on other parents, rather ask your child who wants who is present at his party.

3. Are you afraid of unleashed children? Just give clear rules

To avoid unwelcome behaviors, it is necessary to immediately report to the guests what can be done and whatnot. Give the rules and explain which the off-limits areas of the house are.

For children, it will be like observing the rules of a game. And at the end of the party, thank everyone for their cooperation.

4. The cake is better good than beautiful

Why spend exaggerated amounts on pastry cakes, beautiful to look at but often too “messy” for the little ones’ taste?

Prepare it yourself, together with your child (for him it will be fun, stimulating, and very educational); just follow a simple but good recipe, like chocolate cake, yogurt, or a jam tart.

Then bring to the table some stuffed sandwiches, some homemade popcorn, and some seasonal fruit washed and cut, ready to be nibbled.

5. Have fun preparing the decorations

Making decorations is easy and fun. You can start a few days earlier. On cards or colored sheets, write “Greetings” and the birthday boy’s name, then make a hole in each letter and pass a string through it and hang it up; or attach each letter to a hanging string using clothespins, preferably colored. Then leave some balloons lying around the house for the children to have fun playing with.

6. The gift for the guests: is it really necessary?

They are the “goody bags” of Anglo-Saxon tradition. It is a gift package that is given to the guests. This new custom helps to raise the costs of the party, especially if the guests are numerous.

But let us remember that at a birthday party the gifts are for those who have a birthday. It is he who receives the gifts. Don’t be afraid of confrontation with others.

Parents often do like others because they fear that their children will be hurt. It is normal for children after a certain age to notice the differences between their home habits and those of other families. Well, explain to your children that each family has its traditions. Did the best friend celebrate with entertainers and magicians? Well, we celebrate at home. “Children are intelligent and are perfectly capable of understanding their parents’ motives if they are explained clearly, directly and calmly.”

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