Games for stress: Allies to reduce anxiety

Games for stress

Games for stress: Allies to reduce anxiety

Being constantly under pressure can harm us, deteriorate our health, and affect our ability to enjoy and work. We share some options to get back on the axis and get it right.

Worries sometimes overwhelm us and stress ravages our lives: when it becomes chronic, excess anxiety deteriorates the quality of life and stresses our personal and work ties. To relieve pressure and lower a change, it is worth trying some games for stress that, in addition to entertaining, allow to improve well-being and restore psycho-emotional balance.

The objective is precisely to stop speed, focus, and regain control of ourselves. And nothing better than the game for it.

Games for stress and our brain

Our brain is a powerful tool and when it spends too much time mulling over our worries it puts too much energy into hurting itself. That is why it is worth warning when we enter these stress spirals and knowing some games and tricks to turn to when negativity settles in your head to ruin a good time.

It is not crazy to think that small toys or simple games can be good allies against stress. Research indicates that tinkering with small devices can be beneficial for restless people who feel anxious, as it can help them focus on what they are doing and even serve as a boost for creative ideas.

Fidget toys

They are basically small “toys” to keep your fingers moving and release tension. They are, in general, simple, and there are the most varied options and in different materials. They have the most varied formats, from plastic cubes that allow you to turn the wheel or press switches to metal tops with hypnotic movement and a curiously calming effect.

Fidget spinner

It was the hot toy for the first half of the year. Born to alleviate anxiety problems, the Fidget Spinner has become the global entertainment par excellence. It is all the rage in schools and even presidents use it.

In the market, there are the most varied options: made of different materials, such as plastic or steel, they are made up of a central shaft with two, three or more arms, which end in rings with bearings that are rotated until patience it is lost (or recovered).

Fidget cube

It is a cube-shaped “gadget” that, on each of its six faces, has a different mechanism aimed at calming the nerves. Buttons, wheels, levers and even a metal sphere. Its creators claim that it allows you to release tension easily and efficiently without disturbing anyone.

In general, and although they vary in the different versions, this cube has buttons that click, a joystick with movement, a wheel, rotating gears, and a switch to press it as many times as you want.

You can have fun with it, calm your nerves, or just stop biting your nails. And the best thing is that everything is that it fits inside your pocket.

Epic Pen Spinning

This toy, which doubles as a ballpoint pen, is elongated and has counterweights at its ends so that it can be turned and performed impossible tricks with the fingers of the hand.

Pin Art

A Pin Art screen, Pinscreen, Needle screen, or Rod screen, is a device that allows forming images in relief by moving very thin cylindrical rods, guided by a suitable mesh and supported in a frame.

The Pin Art screen was patented by Ward Fleming and in its early days, back in the 1980s, it was considered an “executive toy”. It is a simple and fun mechanical game that is in many homes today. Just by pressing or sinking fingers, faces or objects, a small 3D sculpture appears.


Sales of coloring books have exploded, a phenomenon that is no longer just for children. In an increasingly fast-paced world, the need to sit down and distract the mind became an adult demand and mandalas became an ideal anti-stress option.

Mandalas are circular designs that symbolize the notion that life never ends and was used for centuries as a spiritual tool in the East. Today they are fashionable in the West and many recommend them as a resource to relieve tension and improve concentration by painting and coloring these drawings.

Table games

Oddly enough, psychologists recommend going back to board games to rediscover the playful sides and meeting spaces beyond the screens. Dice, chess, checkers, Ludo, Monopoly, the Game of Life, and many others can be a pleasant way to pass time and relieve stress.

As the prestigious Dr. Robert Epstein says in his book “The Great Stress Relief Game Book,” it allows players to feel relaxed and safe in a world of clearly defined rules.

Digital games

Another option that can be used to reduce stress is the games that are multiplying today on devices and computers. There are some more mechanical, where there is little and nothing to think about, and others more challenging, in which we force ourselves to concentrate a little more.

Brain games or even emotional development games are interesting alternatives, with which we can entertain ourselves while stimulating the brain or our personal abilities.

You can play online or download applications to your phone or iPad. You can know some of the best games in this note.

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