Best places to spend quality time with children

Best places for children

Best places to spend quality time with children

The five things that we cannot miss if we travel to the best places in New York with children. The city of family dreams.

New York is that city taken from a movie set that we have all dreamed of. The yellow cabs, the bustle, the lights of Broadway, Times Square, the hot dog stands, and even the steam from their sewers, everything, absolutely everything, is familiar to us.

American Museum of Natural History

Best places to spend quality time

Without a doubt it is one of the musts of this city, all the children are going to adore this visit. The Natural History Museum has the largest collection in the world, with more than 35 million objects. Although not all are on display of course, and it tops the list of the best science museums on the globe.

As you might suppose, the museum reviews the history of the Earth and of man, but the little ones could spend the whole day in the spectacular dinosaur room and gazing, ojiplático, the impressive 29-meter skeleton of a blue whale. If you want to see the entire museum, prepare your visit well.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

In the list of the 10 main tourist attractions and known as the best places in the city, we find the delicious Dylan’s Candy Bar. Through which more than 2.5 million visitors pass each year.

Going through its door means entering a parallel world of colors, shapes, and fantasy full of shelves of chocolate, candy stairs, or giant lollipops. They have the largest selection of sweets and gifts in the world – more than 7,000 different products. It is a mandatory stop on our family route through the Big Apple, here we are all going to enjoy it and if we also have a birthday to celebrate, the party can be complete.

Central Park

Central Park is the order within the chaos, the lung of New York, the place to take a break, go boating, play ball or just watch time go by. It has more than 24,000 trees, 250 hectares of lawns, and an almost infinite leisure offer designed for all tastes and ages.

The carousel is the star attraction of the park, not in vain it receives the visit of more than 250,000 people each year, but it is not the only one. Another crazy space that becomes small is the monument of Alice in Wonderland, which was created by the sculptor of Spanish origin Jose de Creeft and children can climb, explore its nooks and discover different textures.

East River Ferry

Their motto is: relax, we will take you. And so, the East River Ferry connects Manhattan to Brooklyn, Queens, and Island Governor  (seasonal), the question is let go, enjoy the sights and activities that we are at each stop.

Mommy Poppins’ Fun Off the Ferry guide brings together 101 ideas that we can do with children, always with the ferry as a starting point. It is a great guide to take advantage of everything that the neighborhoods in the area offer us, they have detailed maps with spaces for games, activities, events, shops to visit, and places to eat. You will not fail to see the carousel DUMBO , an acronym with the neighborhood Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, you will love known.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Founded in 1899, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum was the world’s first museum and one of the best places dedicated to children. The visit is a must, it is the ideal place to see our children enjoy themselves. It features the World Brooklyn exhibit, which offers a fantastic ride around the packed world and is full of hilarious activities; it also has a botanical garden; a sensory and even a room-designed exhibition especially for children under 5 years, the Totally Tots .

Locals and tourists can’t be wrong, this is a good recommendation. By the way, adults are also welcome, but they must be accompanied and supervised by a child under 16 at all times.

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