6 fun activities for kids

activities for kids

6 fun activities for kids

The energy we have in childhood is endless. Children can spend hours running and jumping, happily observing the world around them. Unfortunately, technology is taking the place away from the games we grew up with. Try to combat this new trend by encouraging fun activities for children.

Being outdoors is good for people of any age. Oxygenate, exercise muscles, and feel in contact with the environment that surrounds us is wonderful and necessary. In any city, we can find green areas where our children can have fun.

Also, parks are a good place to meet other children their age, who can become potential friends. The most fun activities for children are, without a doubt, those that teach them to work as a team and cooperate with others.

6 fun activities for kids

  1. The treasure hunt

This is undoubtedly one of the most fun activities for children. Several teams are established, and the adult hides a “treasure” in a secret place. Children must find out where it is through clues. Each clue contains a puzzle that suggests where the next one is located.

A large park is an ideal place to play this game. Each group must bring out their wit and detective skills, which will strengthen the camaraderie. Try not to make it too difficult for him to hide the clues, there are children who can spend hours searching!

  1. Blind makeup

Blind makeup is wildly creative. The children are divided into pairs, facing each other. One of them covers his eyes with a blindfold and, without seeing anything, must put makeup on the other. Although there are some who initially refuse, they all end up laughing a lot at this game.

It is recommended that they are easy to remove paints and that children wear clothes that can get dirty. Many end up getting too excited and also defacing their own attire, something that parents don’t like so much anymore.

  1. Blind Chicken

This is an all-time classic. A chosen boy or girl is blindfolded and must stand in the center of a circle formed by the others. These cannot leave a certain parameter. The blindfolded person should try to touch one of the others and, by touch, guess who it is.

Some little ones are so friendly that just by touching the features of the other’s face they know who it is. There is a tougher version of the game that involves turning the chosen one around before he starts looking, but it is best avoided because they can end up dizzy and disoriented.

  1. “Granny, granny”

It is one of the best fun activities for children because it allows them to get to know each other better. One selected will be the “grandmother”, and the others the “grandchildren”. The grandmother stands at the finish line and the others in a line several steps away.

The participants are asking the “grandmother” questions about their tastes, and depending on whether they are correct or not, the grandmother asks them to move forward or backward. Variations can be “a giant step” if they are 100% correct; an ant step if they have only got it right or a “crab step” if they have not gotten anything right.

  1. Who’s afraid of the wolf?

This is an action game. One chosen is the “wolf”, who stands in front of the goal, the rest are the “shepherds”, who must hold hands in a line. At the cry of “Who’s afraid of the wolf?” They must shout “Not me!” and run towards him trying to reach the finish line.

If the wolf grabs someone or some of them let go of their hands, they become part of the wolf’s army. The game ends when there is only one shepherd left. If he manages not to be caught by the wolves, he wins.

  1. The broken phone

The children sit on the floor in a circle. One of them says a sentence very quickly to the one on his right, and what he has understood must be made known to the next. When the message gets back to the first sender, it will be something completely different and bizarre.

The rules of this activity are basically two: do not repeat the word even if the other does not understand it and speak as quickly as possible. It is a really fun game that usually delights the little ones.

These 6 fun activities for kids are great for bringing each other closer. It teaches them what it is to work as a team, loyalty, and togetherness. It also helps the shy ones to integrate and make themselves known better.

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