5 tips to take care of children’s skin in summer

Take care of children's skin

5 tips to take care of children’s skin in summer

With the arrival of summer, there are many of you who ask us what precautions or advice you can follow with your little ones. So we are going to tell you our 5 best tips to take care of children’s skin at this time.

Children’s skin is especially sensitive, so extreme precautions must be taken against the sun and other external factors. Although skin cancer in childhood is relatively rare. Most cancers in adulthood are due to increased sun exposure since childhood.

Between 50 and 80% of the damage from sun exposure that an individual receives throughout life occurs during childhood and adolescence. Proper preventive and sun protection habits can prevent 80% of all skin cancers.

Avoid Sun Exposure In The Middle Of The Day

Children's skin care tips

We repeat it a lot, but it is the time when almost everyone goes down to the beach or the pool and these are hours that are really harmful to the skin. Directly it is necessary to try that the children do not go down to the beach. Or swimming pool during the hours of maximum sun exposure, from 12 to 5 pm.

Always Use Photoprotection With Spf50+

Photoprotection can be used from 6 months of age (before that age they should NOT be directly exposed to the sun). They should preferably be with physical filters. In addition, they should be applied before being in the sun. And repeat their application every two hours at the most. Since water and sweat reduce their effect (although they appear to be water resistant).

Be careful with spray photo protectors, since to be effective they usually require more than what we normally use. Sunscreen should also be used even on cloudy days. Since UVA rays pass through the clouds, and also on a day-to-day basis (the sun we receive is the same whether we are at the beach or not.

Wear Clothing With Uva And Uvb Protection

For us, this is key: in addition to the photo protector, the little ones should wear clothes with specialized fabrics to avoid possible burns. It is really difficult to control the photoprotection of children well since they are playing and bathing all the time, so the use of t-shirts with UVA protection is, without a doubt, the best option for them. Likewise, it is important to use a wide-brimmed cap and approved sunglasses.

Skin Hygiene

The bath should be daily, short, and with bath oils or “soap-free” soaps or “senders” (without detergents), since while they cleanse the skin, they hydrate it and do not remove the protective acid mantle.

Adequate Hydration

In summer, with seawater, sun, etc… the skin can dry out more. For this reason, it is essential, especially in those patients with atopic skin. Use a good daily moisturizing cream, preferably without perfume (not only after bathing but several times a day). We must also hydrate ourselves inside. And remind children to drink plenty of water since playing is easy for them to forget and become more dehydrated.

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