20 fun activities to play with children at home

Fun activities to play with children

20 fun activities to play with children at home

Have you found yourself in the situation of having to spend several days with the children indoors? It is a fact that can be stressful since children require attention and need an extra activity that allows them to get all the energy they carry inside.

Therefore, without proper planning, staying at home can become a headache: screaming and misbehaving children and stressed and desperate parents. To channel the situation, we propose these 20 entertaining and fun activities to do with the children at home.

Plans and activities those days at home with the children

Sometimes we have to spend several days at home with the children, either because they are sick or because the weather is bad. In these cases, it is important to have resources to prevent the hours from becoming eternal, the children getting upset and the parents exhausting themselves physically and mentally. We propose a series of fun activities to play with the children at home:

  1. The treasure game

To play you have to find an object, which can also be a prize for the one who finds it, such as a bag of popcorn or a chocolate bar. The game starts with the first clue you give them, the idea is to create a series of them on paper that will take them from one corner of the house to another and keep them entertained while they look for the treasure.

  1. Indoor gym for children

Transform your living room into a gym for children, in this way, they will have a fun time and also exercise. You can place a series of leaves on the ground so that the children have to get from one point to another without touching them. A yoga mat or mat on the floor can be used for cartwheels, sit-ups, leg exercises, etc.

If you place a series of twine or knitting wool from one place to another in the room like a spider web, they can try to go through it without touching any part of the body. If they touch it, they should start the tour.

  1. Storytelling session

Each one will choose a short story and must read it or act it out to the others. It’s a great way for them to participate in an activity that involves verbal expression and also promotes a love of reading.

  1. A craft time?

You don’t have to go to the store to buy items to make crafts. It is enough with recycling objects such as toilet paper rolls, egg boxes, used paper, or other objects present in every house, to make original crafts. You can make your own pencil holders, mobiles for the ceiling, decorative objects, etc.

  1. Make paper mache

It is a technique that allows you to make a lot of decorative elements. Blow up a balloon, mix glue and water, dip it in the newspaper and start making your artistic creations.

  1. Make recipes

Cooking is an art and learning to cook is a fun and very useful activity for children. You can spend an afternoon making buns, cakes, cookies, appetizers, sandwiches, smoothies, etc.

  1. Coloring pages

If you need to do some homework and keep your children entertained, you can print a series of coloring sheets or even let them do it online. It is a playful activity that also improves hand-eye coordination and encourages motor skills.

  1. Home theater

Ask your children to prepare a play, it is an activity that to do well requires work and time. It is important to choose the play well, develop the script for each one, rehearse, prepare the costumes and organize a small stage to represent the performance.

  1. Board games

It is a fact that today’s children are very attracted to computer games, however, spending a few days indoors with children is a perfect time to dust off those board games that activate the logic, strategy, and reasoning of children.

  1. Make origami

Origami is an ancient Japanese art, also known as origami, which consists of making folds in paper to form figures. On the Internet, you will find endless tutorials to create frogs, cats, pigeons, and other figures with small pieces of paper. This homemade activity is perfect for teaching children to be patient and develop patience.

  1. Do experiments

The experiments teach children the principles of science and physics in a fun way, that is, playing. They can learn about volume, movement, the transformation of matter, etc. in a fun and playful way.

  1. Jokes contest

The whole family can have a great time holding a joke contest. Children will love learning new jokes and also, what better way to spend the day at home than laughing?

More fun activities to do with the kids indoors

  1. Organize a painting contest and see if there are great artists among your children. All you need is a box of tempera or watercolors, a piece of paper and some brushes. Imagination and art are put by them.
  2. Create your own toys: with recycled material you can create tic-tac-toe, a spinner, slime, etc.
  3. Family karaoke, if you have a web tv you can find videos on Youtube to be able to do that song contest at home.
  4. Decorate t-shirts: some old t-shirts can be a perfect canvas to play at being fashion designers and capture the most original drawings of your children on them.
  5. Learning to Knit: Knitting or crocheting is an activity that can be reassuring for children, keep them entertained, and enhance their ability to concentrate.
  6. Make figures with plasticine: this activity is already practiced in nursery schools because it encourages motor skills.
  7. Create a camp: in the children’s room, using sheets, blankets, and other objects they can create their own base camp. They will have a lot of fun pitching their own tents.
  8. Play riddles: riddles stimulate children’s intelligence and entertain them a lot on those days when it is better for children and adults to stay at home.
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