12 activities to do with children during the summer

Activities to do with children

12 activities to do with children during the summer

Summer is underway and for many, the holidays are already a fact, including the smallest of the house. It is time to think of some activities to do with children during the summer so that the whole family can enjoy these warm months.

Being with the kids at home has to be an experience that we can use in favor of the family. Meeting them, playing, creating, and spending quality moments all together is the best plan we can have for the summer.

What can we do if children seem to have eternal energies and never get tired? Here are 12 things you can do together to have a great summer.

  1. Camps

Camp is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating activities for kids. For them, it is an adventure, even if it is not in the backyard of their own house.

If you can go to a campsite or a place far from the city, better, but if you prefer your garden it also counts. The good thing about this activity is that you will keep them entertained a couple of days before.

They have to prepare the tent, the flashlight, the food, and their own camping backpack. All these preparations tune you to the unforgettable experience that awaits you.

  1. Excursion days

Continuing with the line of activities that promote close contact with nature, we will talk about excursions. As in the previous point, the boys and girls get involved in the proposal a few days in advance.

First, choose as a family where you will go. You can consult the map of the area together. In all cities, there are green lungs that can be explored as a family with curious little hikers.

Once you have chosen the location, you could make a list of items to collect: tree leaves, rocks, feathers, and any other natural items that catch your eye. Once back home, the activity continues because it is time to classify the collected objects, find information about them, draw them, and even make an excursion diary.

It is a beautiful activity in which children get involved with nature and without realizing it they learn a lot.

  1. City exploration

Walking through the town or city where we live can be much more interesting than many think. The landscape that we see from the car or the bus on the way to school is not the same as discovering its hidden corners.

The idea is to set up a city ​​tour in the city we live in and visit it with the little ones. Enter those old buildings that we have only seen from the outside and learn a little about their history.

Back home, you can propose that they make a graphic production of what they saw and learned during the tour.

  1. Cooking days

Although many think that the presence of children in the kitchen can be a bit chaotic, the reality is that children have fun. They can start from the search for a recipe, the preparation of the ingredients, and the utensils.

They also learn about quantities and measurements by using the scale. When finished, they will be able to enjoy their own production, which is a rewarding and enriching experience for them.

  1. Picnic with the children during the summer

We pack the homemade production from the previous proposal and go on a family picnic. Boys really enjoy outdoor activities. Even if it is not in a nearby square, for them it is more than enough.

  1. Recreational parks

Paying a visit to the different parks in your area is a great idea. In summer there are usually water parks that offer very fun activities for the little ones (and adults too).

Before going, do not forget to consult about possible restrictions, conditions of entry, and items that you must bring ( towels and comfortable clothes).

  1. Bicycles for everyone

A bike ride is a proposal that, in addition to being healthy, will ensure that children arrive exhausted at the end of the day. If they do not have bicycles, they can rent them or opt for walks. The idea  ​​is to do physical activity as a family and make it fun for the kids.

  1. Ice cream party

Ice cream in summer is one of the greatest pleasures that exist, both for adults and children. In this case, we suggest that you buy various flavors, cereals, chocolate chips, fruits, and other foods that you can place to decorate. In this way, they set up an ice cream parlor at home and the boys entertain themselves.

  1. Summer reading

You should never miss the company of a good book for children. It is very important to encourage the habit of reading in the little ones.

For example, we could set up a reading tent and go there with them to read to them. Let’s try to make it a fun, pleasant, and awaited moment for them so that they want to participate actively.

  1. Get bored!

Yes, we have to let the little ones get bored because that way their creativity and imagination start to work. The best ideas and most interesting projects come from childhood boredom.

You will be surprised to see everything they have been able to do. You just have to stop yourself from intervening and give a solution to your idea of ​​being bored. In a moment they will already be doing something.

  1. Crafts with children during the summer

Crafts never fail and are the best allies of adults to spend the holidays. They can collect cardboard, caps, papers, wool, scraps of fabrics and buy paints and sheets so that the children have materials to work with. The first activity that you can propose is that they decorate their craft box, to place all the work materials there.

  1. Adventures in the garden

For us, the garden may just be a space where our plants grow, but for children, it is a world full of adventure and games. We suggest some things you can do in this space with the children.

For example, a themed party in which there are costumes, decorations, and food-related to the chosen topic. Another alternative to making good use of the garden is an obstacle course or post. If you can’t come up with more ideas, don’t worry that the little ones will help you.

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